They Who Cannot

by Known Abuser

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Released on cassette in an edition of 44.


released May 11, 2015

All songs by Known Abuser except for Sweet Jane (the Velvet Underground).



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Known Abuser

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Track Name: Night at Max
After work
Into night
Out of work
Into blight
Things go wrong
We ain't right
Track Name: Temp Work
Looking for a job
Looking for a break
Looking for a lead
Gotta get a fix
Just one fix
I'm desperate
Track Name: How Many Chains?
You got some problems
Cast out in shame
They wrap your mind up
In so many chains
Track Name: Meant To Die
Did you hear about
The War?
And the flood?
And the riots?
Can you believe we survived?
I thought we were meant to die
Track Name: Sweet Jane
Standin' on a corner,
Suitcase in my hand.
Jack's in his corset, says to Jane, who's in her vest,
Me, babe, I'm in a rock n' roll band.
Friday night, a picture show,
Those were different times.
And the poets studied rules of verse,
And all the ladies rolled their eyes

Sweet Jane, Sweet Jane, Sweet Jane

Now, Jack, he is a banker,
And Jane, she is a clerk.
And the both of them are saving up their money...
Then they come home from work.
Sittin' by the fire...
Radio just played a little classical music for you kids,
The march of the wooden soldiers
And you can hear Jack say

Sweet Jane, Sweet Jane, Sweet Jane

Some people like to go out dancing
And other people, (like us) they gotta work
And there's always some evil mothers
They'll tell you life is full of dirt.
And the women never really faint,
And the villans always blink their eyes.
And the children are the only ones who blush.
'Cause life is just to die.
But, anyone who has a heart
Wouldn't want to turn around and break it
And anyone who ever played the part
He wouldn't want to turn around and fake it